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A B O U T  U S

Chapman & Moore has a long and changing history...


It started life in 1794 on Old Bond Street as a gentleman's accessory supplier.  As with many old brands sadly it closed it's doors and became dormant. 

Some years later a prestigious Northampton shoemaker took ownership of the name where it formed a collection of classic English welted shoes for sale in mainland Europe under the Chapman & Moore label.  This brand was sold by both our founder and his father before him to European customers for many years.


When the brand again became dormant a chance conversation cruising at 30'000 feet on a flight to India led to us acquiring the name.  This brings Chapman and Moore to its current chapter...


We decided to relaunch Chapman & Moore in tandem with opening a welted factory... (that's a whole other story!).  We remain a small family run business, and all our products are designed and developed in the UK, using English made lasts to ensure good fit.  We source the best materials from Europe and South America and assemble our shoes using highly skilled craftsmen and women in our partner factory in India. 


Our collection is a combination of Goodyear Welted leather classics and more fashionable cemented construction menswear.  To compliment this we often offer other brands which hold the same values and style to us. 


The aim of Chapman & Moore is to make great shoes accessible to all.   


We love talking about shoes so any questions do feel free to contact us. 

- there isn't much we don't know about shoes. 


Thanks for looking!


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